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Bokamoso Group

Welcome to Bokamoso Group, where our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries. As a conglomerate comprising two dynamic entities, we carve a path of innovation and impact across various sectors, ushering in a new era of progress and sustainability.

Bokamoso Future Consortium (Pty) Ltd

Dedicated to driving positive change, Bokamoso Future Consortium is at the forefront of investments, property developments, mining, agriculture and farming, and community development projects. With a keen focus on strategic growth, we navigate the financial landscape, transform spaces into vibrant communities, contribute responsibly to the mining sector, foster advancements in agriculture, and empower communities through impactful initiatives.

Bokamoso Energy Supplies (Pty) Ltd

A powerhouse in the energy sector, Bokamoso Energy Supplies is a beacon of excellence in energy supplies, general supplies, electrical and mechanical engineering projects, and the fuel distribution industry. Committed to reliability and sustainability, we ensure a seamless energy supply, facilitate the distribution of essential goods, specialize in cutting-edge engineering projects, and play a crucial role in fuel distribution networks.

Our Commitment

At the heart of Bokamoso Group is a commitment to innovation, integrity, and sustainability. We embrace change, uphold the highest ethical standards, and strive for a future where our operations leave a positive impact on the environment and communities. Our story unfolds through a multitude of services, each contributing to a narrative of growth, responsibility, and a vision for a better tomorrow.

Join us on this journey where business meets purpose, and together, we shape a future that transcends expectations, enriching lives and creating a legacy of progress and prosperity. Bokamoso Group - Empowering Progress, Enriching Futures.


Tailoring Solutions to Your Unique Needs – Unmatched Customized Services.

Safety Priority

Implementing Stringent Security Measures – Upholding Safety in Every Operation.

Industry Pioneers

Trailblazing Innovation – Shaping the Future Landscape of the Energy Sector.


Empowering communities Through Active Engagement in Community Development Initiatives.

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